Neodymium Cylinder Magnet

Cylinder magnets have two parallel circular cross sections and a straight parallel solid center section. We offer a selection of different sizes that we can manufacture, we also  produce customize magnets for our customers' specifications. We supply all kinds of cylinder magnets, small cylinder magnets, big cylinder magnets, magnet rods, bar magnet, round magnet.Popular cylinder magnet size D40x20, D45x20, D45x25, D45x30, D50x20, D50x30, D55x25, D50x35, D60x30, D70x40, D70x50,please inform us the dimensions and quantity you need, and we will quote very soon.

Rare Earth cylinders are suitable for a wide range of applications.neodymium cylinder magnets come in a variety of sizes, dimensions and grades. They are handy, all-purpose magnets commonly used in the art display industry, mining, engineering, construction, lighting, teaching facilities and for many other commercial and industrial purposes.

The 50x30 cylinder magnets usually be used on water meters to stop count pointer from running,if someone do not use the 50*30 cylinder magnet,he might to pay a ultra costly bill for the water.Neodymium magnet is made of neodymium iron and boron,The shape of a neodymium cylinder magnet produces a magnetic field with a longer reach.The magnetism of rare earth cylinder magnet is 16 times stronger than the ceramic magnet,the magnet is fragile and easy break,but if use properly,its magnetism could exist for more than 50 years that could serve someone`s lifetime.


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