Magnetic Push Pin

Magnetic push pins can be used on any ferromagnetic surface.Someone could easily use magnetic push pins on a bulletin board, magnetic white board, magnetic chock board, fridge, food truck, big industrial equipment... Magnetic push pins can be used at office,meeting room, classroom,studio, corridor,workshop... People are like to use magnetic push pins because magnetic push pins are no harm to the surface which been contacted. After the use, someone could remove or reuse the magnet easily. We produce different color of magnetic push pins in three sizes. The magnetic push pin is formed by neodymium magnet N35 and ABS color pieces of magnetic push pin could hold 5~7 A4 paper thus it is very convenient. The chess design plastic is good to hold and someone`s hand contact to the magnet could be avoided. .The magnetism of magnet could exist for more than many years of use, also please keep magnetic push pin away from the electric products and cards.

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