Alnico is an alloy of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt.It also contains Iron , Copper ,Titanium, Different metal

component constitution will form different magnet properties, application will also change accordingly.

Alnico is produced by sintered or casted technique,Its`surfaces may need machining,or to be ground for a smoother surface finish and looks brightly metallic looking. Casting means can producing AlNiCo forvariety sizes and shapes, Sintered Alnico is subsize and have very tiny tolorance but machanical performance is not good.

The most commonly used Alnico is Alnico5. There are 4 sort of cast Alnico5 plus a singlesort of sintered Alnico5 (sintered Alnico and cast Alnico have slightly different magnetic and mechanical performance). Among the permanent magnetic materials, AlNiCo have the best reversible temperature coefficient, the highest working temperature up to 500 ℃,it has the

hardest and toughest strongness.Most Alnico magnet grades are anisotropic (axial / vertical direction add magnetization).The others are isotropic(horizontal direction magnetized and usually have many poles on one magnet) they are weaker on magnetism but offer more options on design and properties.

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