Magnetic Chamfer

Magnetic chamfer is fabricated by steel and strong neodymium magnet,this magnetic chamfer is been used on concrete framing to form triangle and trapezoid edges or notches.There are strong neodymium magnets  in the chamfer thus using the chamfer strip do not need any nails or screws.Magnet chamfers have various of sizes which  to meet  different requirements of  the architecture designs and concrete constructions. Surface of the magnet chamfer is simply surface treated thus it is not anti corrosion and waterproof, please carefully clean the magnetic chamfer and keep it in a dry situation after the use. Magnetic chamfer strip is a quite necessarily tool in the concrete constructions.

There are two sort of magnet chamfers, trapezoid magnet chamfer and triangle magnet chamfer,Trapezoid magnetic chamfer,also known as trapezoid shaped magnetic steel chamfer or magnet steel chamfer,is a steel strip that configured with strong neodymium magnets.It have strong magnetic forces that usually been used on metal concrete formworks.

Triangle magnet chamfer is widely been used on concrete formwork.The triangle magnetic steel chamfer usually used to form triangle shaped corners or edges.we could supply multiple sizes of triangle magnetic chamfers, please kindly inform us the dimansions and quantity for calculate the cost.

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