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Search magnet, also known as fishing magnet, magnetic fishing assembly or magnet fishing, is a magnetic assembly which been used to find lost objects in water.Its` pulling force is equivalent strong that catch iron or steel things have hundreds of pounds. Searching magnets are widely been applied in rivers, lakes, and sewers. Someone need a long strong rope with one end to bind the closed end hook,hold another end and throw the search magnet into rivers, lakes or sewers, then drag the searching magnet back.

Search magnet is made of neodymium magnets, steel armature and steel closed end hook (Screw Thread). Steel armature is plated with Dacro, which have strong anti corrosion effects and mechanical characters. The magnet is plated with NI-CU-NI three layers of coating that provide good anti-corrosion. This search magnet are not waterproof, please clean the searching magnet after the use.

 We could produce fishing magnet in different dimensions and pull forces. Single side and durable sides type of magnetic fishing assembly. For more details please inform us the model number and quantity that you need and we will quote very soon.

searching magnets are made of N50 neodymium magnet and iron parts,The neodymium magnet is strong of magnetism which could pulling over 100 KG iron materials, The outside iron shield can protect the magnet from the shocking when magnet meet the ferromagnetic materials. Someone can wrap a string on the steel ring parts and use the searching magnet around river, lake, and shore of the sea.This item can also be used to lock things like boat,wood door of fence......We supply 100 kg, 200 kg 300kg, 400 kg 500 kg search magnets.

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